Nadine Daoud's community involvement

Nadine Daoud has been involved in her community since she returned to Saguenay in 1996.

Professionally, she served as chair of the continuing education committee of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Bar from 1999 to 2002, as well as treasurer of the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean Bar from 2000 to 2001.

Ms. Daoud was director of Association des femmes en assurances du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean from 2002 to 2010 and chaired its board of directors in 2005–2006.

In the community, Ms. Daoud was president of Festival de la montgolfière du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean (2001–2002) and president of Chambre de commerce du Saguenay (2008–2010). She has served as director of Saguenay en neige since 2010. Ms. Daoud was part of the bargaining committee that led to the merger of the Jonquière and Chicoutimi chambers of commerce in 2006, then the consolidation of Chambre de commerce du Saguenay (2006 merger) and Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de La Baie–Bas-Saguenay in March 2010. The consolidated entity serves the entire Fjord-du-Saguenay RCM and City of Saguenay, giving it the enviable status of being one of the 10 biggest chambers of commerce in Quebec.